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Serrala at 2022 CRF August Forum & Expo

08 - 10 August   |  08.00 EDT   |  English

Credit management can be a difficult balancing act at times: You have to protect your business from late customer payments and default risk while supporting the sales cycle with quick credit decisions. To achieve this, you need to speed up manual tasks that take up a lot of time. Intelligent automation, powered by artificial intelligence, makes this possible. Integrated connectivity to credit rating agencies and credit insurers simplifies your credit data retrieval. Automated credit limit application and approval procedures improve collaboration across teams and enable faster decision-making. And AI-powered credit scoring, applied in combination with existing automation rules, makes your credit decisions more accurate, solid, and secure.

Do you want to learn more? Meet us at the 2022 CRF August Forum & Expo, August 8 – 10 in Louisville, Kentucky, at Booth # 28.

Get in touch with us and discover how you can power your entire credit lifecycle with intelligent automation and make your operations more secure, agile, and efficient – for a digital future in finance:

  • Amplify your Credit Scoring with AI: Automatically translate customer performances into valuable, measurable and comparable risk statistics through variable scoring criteria. Future-proof and AI-powered credit scoring applying business rules amplified by machine learning for more precise credit decisions.
  • Integrate Financial Statement Analytics: Gain deeper insight and add value to your performance analysis by integrating and automating your financial assessment into your credit scoring.
  • End-to-End Automation: Run all your credit operations in one integrated solution. Whether you are retrieving data from credit rating agencies, processing credit holds, or managing your credit insurances – all credit processes are fully supported.