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Enable Faster Financial Close 

Achieve Full Visibility and Control in the Financial Close Process by Automating Manual Journal Entries

Spend Less Time Closing the Books and More Time Providing Insights

New demands are being placed on finance and accounting teams, who need to complete the financial close process quickly to support the CFO and meet strategic financial goals. However, manual tasks and complex spreadsheets can slow down period end accounting, so accountants spend more time managing the monthly close than providing insights to the business.

Eliminate time-consuming period-end tasks and increase visibility and control over your financial close process in SAP systems with Serrala FS² JournalEntry.  The solution supports the automated creation, validation, review, and approval of manual journal entries in SAP, so you can close your books quickly, with complete confidence.  

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"The top driver of optimizing the financial close and record to report process is the pressure to reduce manual and repetitive financial accounting tasks"

Optimizing Financial Close and Record to Report Process

SAPinsider, December 2021

7.7 days

average time to complete monthly financial close.


want to reduce manual and repetitive financial accounting tasks


want to automate and standardize closing processes and alerts

Accelerate Your Monthly Close with Automation

Journal entry automation is the next frontier in finance process improvement and is the best way for accounting organizations to seize control of the monthly close. With FS² JournalEntry, you can spend less time managing your standard, recurring or intercompany journal entries and maintain full visibility from creation to posting.

Faster Time to Close

Reduce the time and effort required to close the books by intelligently automating the creation, review and approval of each manual journal entry.

Greater Visibility

Gain 100% early insight into journal entries, including intercompany journal entries,  with a fully digitized solution that works seamlessly with your SAP systems. 

Improved Compliance &Control

Enforce record to report process controls and ensure fiscal compliance is maintained with secure access to financial close information from the office or at home.

5 ways to automate journal entry process

Customer Success: Utility Provider Reduces Time Required to Process Manual Journal Entries

Journal Entry Brochure

A large US-based utility provider wanted to accelerate and improve how its finance team created and posted manual journal entries during the financial close process. As part of a highly regulated industry, it wanted an automated solution that could validate the manual journal entry information and verify whether the supporting documentation was available in its SAP system. This way, the company could share the information in the event of an audit. 

The company chose to implement FS² JournalEntry to automate its process. Now, the finance team can quickly create and route entries for approval and implement digital signatures to support the company’s legal and fiscal regulatory requirements. They can also track the status of all journal entries, from start to finish, including those generated outside of SAP. As a result, the company has better control over its financial close and reduced the time to close the books from weeks to days.

Explore the Advantages of a Faster Financial Close Process

enable faster financial close


In this on-demand webinar, learn how to accelerate your financial close process with an SAP-embedded solution that makes managing manual journal entries faster, more accurate and fully transparent:

  • Create manual journal entries directly from spreadsheets 
  • Automate the review and approval process  
  • Enable anytime, anywhere access to information 
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of monthly close activities 

Transform Journal Entry Management with FS² JournalEntry

Journal Entry Process chart

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