Increase Operational Savings, Increase Efficiencies and Lower Risk

Serrala’s Corestone solutions enables organizations to centralize and standardize the management of data and documents (“information”) across multiple enteprise systems, locations, and countries. This comprehensive set of software and managed services solutions enables organizations to control information across the entire information lifecycle so they can reduce the cost of operating enterprise systems, enable faster back up and maintenance windows, facilitate the move to new more agile solutions and reduce the risk associated with retaining sensitive or private information.


Serrala’s Corestone Solutions - Future-proof Data and Document Management

Archive Service

This foundational component of our Corestone suite ensures the consistent archiving of information to reduce the volume of data and documents resident in production systems. It enables organizations to leverage more flexible archive storage options, including Cloud-based archive repositories for the most scalable and cost effective archive storage.

Audit Readiness

Extract, review and cleanse large volumes of data and documents from online systems and archive repositories without requiring IT assistance and save them in audit-ready formats to respond to audits according to global standards (SOX, SAF-T) or to meet ad hoc audit requirements.

Compliant Storage

Manage and store information in accordance with relevant retention policies, regulations, and legal hold conditions. Apply retention rules consistently to online and archived data, so it is kept only until it reaches its end of life and can be purged and manage the purge process, providing authorities with the necessary proof of data destruction.

Content Migration

Migrate data and documents from existing archive repositories or content management systems to a new repository for more modern, cost efficient storage of archived information.

Data Privacy

Mask or encrypt data in production systems and archive repositories to protect data privacy or secure strategic information at the database level.

Document Capture

Use SmartEye to automatically capture information from unstructured (paper, emails, PDFs, etc.) business documents (remittances, invoices, goods receipt, bank statements) and archive it, to enable faster, more transparent access to digitized supporting documents.

Document Navigation

Enable users to quickly find, extract and bundle documents so they can respond to customer or supplier enquiries or other requirements.

Legacy Decommissioning

Archive data and documents from legacy systems and move them into a central archive repository to enable easier access to legacy information and make it possible to decommission legacy systems to reduce costs and risk.

Transparent Access

Provide users with easier access to archived data in SAP systems for faster reporting.

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