Corestone Archive & Data Management Cockpit

Secure Sensitive Data to Mitigate Risk and Comply with Regulations

Unsecured data can harm a business’ reputation if it falls in the wrong hands. Personally identifiable information and credit card data, for example, is vulnerable to misuse by employees or by hackers and other hostile external actors. Corporations need to ensure that sensitive data is secured at all times to mitigate risk to the company, comply with regulations, and avoid potentially hefty fines or loss of business due to security breaches.

The Corestone Archive & Data Management Cockpit enables organizations to secure data according to data management best practices by:

  • Masking sensitive data in online systems to retain data but prevent unauthorized access by users
  • Encrypting data in online systems to enable limited access to users with an authorized security key

Masking or encrypting data ensures that organizations do not have to restrict access to entire transactions or views in SAP applications or worry that users have incorrect data access privileges in the system. Instead, they can secure the data directly in selected fields, records, or tables. This unique data security approach ensure that the security settings are applied across all SAP modules equally, so data that is secured in the SAP FI or MM modules is also secured in the downstream BW or BI modules as well.


Benefits of the Corestone Archive & Data Management Cockpit

  • Secure data in SAP systems without doing a complex data carve out project
  • Protect sensitive or private data from unauthorized users, without impacting business processes or reports that rely on that data
  • Ensure compliance with data privacy and security regulations 

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