Corestone Archive Service

Align the cost of retaining information with the value of the information to your business

Serrala’s Corestone Archive Service is a lightweight storage service that enables companies to store archived information in any ArchiveLink-certified repository. The service provides a direct connection from the SAP archiving layer to your chosen Cloud or disk storage location. Companies use the solution to reduce the cost of storage when they need to retain data and documents for long periods of time to meet legal, fiscal or regulatory requirements.

The service does not affect the users’ access to archived information. In fact, it often makes access to archived information much easier. Users can seamlessly access information directly from the SAP system, whenever they need it, without going to separate enterprise content management (ECM) system.


Benefits of Corestone Archive Service

  •  Leverage low-cost Cloud or disk storage for long-term retention of archived information
  •  Infinitely scalable storage with Cloud repositories
  • Take advantage of the world’s leading Cloud storage platforms (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service, and more)
  •  Reduce IT complexity by eliminating the need for additional enterprise content management servers
  •  Improve SAP systems performance by moving archived information out of the SAP database
  •  Simplify access to archived information by providing access directly from SAP systems

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