Corestone Document Navigation

Search, View and Output Documents from SAP systems to Facilitate Communications with Customers, Vendors and Auditors

Serrala’s Corestone Document Navigation solution enables organizations to quickly find, display, select and output large volumes of supporting documentation from SAP applications to facilitate communication with customers, vendors, or auditors. The solution significantly reduces the time and effort it takes users to manually search for and package documents such as such as invoices, purchase orders, customer billing statements, checks and more from enterprise systems. Users can quickly locate, bundle and distribute large volumes of related documents, such as all documents in a sales transaction, into a single file that can be easily sent to the interested individuals by print, fax, email or download.


Key Capabilities of Document Navigation

  • Locate and view documents related to a customer, vendor, sales transaction, date range and more
  • Quickly extract and bundle relevant documents into a single file for distribution
  • Access archived documents in SAP systems or other enterprise systems
  • Output specialized content such as PP/PM shop-papers from SAP systems
  • Query documents based on retention attributes (e.g., all sales documents reaching end of life in 2018)

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