Managed Automation for Payments

Payment formats can change, new bank connectivity may be required, fraud attempts may be rising and need immediate action. These are some of the ad-hoc challenges that treasuries are often presented with. Treasury departments, therefore, have a strong need for further agility, for transforming payments, and driving innovation.

Serrala’s Managed Automation for Payments enable organizations to be more flexible and to outsource the time-consuming elements of the payment processes and to benefit from visibility, security and flexibility that are essential for managing payments. 

The offering complements the technology solutions offered in the area of Payment Management that range from on-premise to cloud and hybrid cloud models and that can be used within SAP and with multiple ERP systems. 

Payments as a Service

Key Features of Managed Services for Payments:

  • Connectivity: wide range of readily available connectivity options including host-to-host, EBICS, SWIFT to connect with banks and new payment service providers (e.g. PayPal, Ripple)
  • Formats: portfolio of bank formats readily available to clients
  • Anti-fraud: detection, prevention and monitoring of suspicious actions
  • Compliance: checks against internal and external databases 
  • Payment optimization: rerouting and enrichment of payments

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