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SEPA Instant Payments API FS2 Payments Product Sheet

Product Sheet: SEPA Instant Payments API

SEPA Instant Payments directly from the ERP system

The new feature of our SAP-embedded software FS² Payments supports instant payments and paves the way for real-time treasury. 

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FS2 Payments Platform for SAP Brochure

Brochure: FS² Payments

Central Payment Platform for SAP

FS² Payments lets you manage company-wide payments centrally and transparently. Intelligent automation and fraud monitoring allow for maximum efficiency and security. 

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Brochure Autobank

Brochure: FS² AutoBank

L‘application de l'argent comptant au sein de SAP

FS² AutoBank automatise votre encaissements en comparant rapidement les paiements entrants aux comptes ouverts.

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Brochure: BCrest Payments

BCrest Payments is the cloud-based solution for banks enabling them to offer a digital payments platform to corporate clients.