Global Payment Factory

Central Control, Transparency, and Efficiency for Your Global Payments

Managing payments at the level of business units or subsidiaries is still quite common for organizations worldwide. The more complex and the more international a company is set up, however, the greater the risks that arise from a lack of central control and transparency and the greater the maintenance costs for decentralized systems. 

A global payment factory helps centralize the payment processing and bank accounts, bringing clarity to complexity and enhancing group-wide process efficiency. A factory approach enables companies to harmonize, standardize and automate processes for group-wide payments thereby eliminating administrative inefficiencies, reducing costs, ensuring security and compliance of all payments. Typically, companies deploying a payment factory bundle all payments centrally and manage payments on behalf of (POBO) their subsidiaries. This way they can benefit from the most cost efficient payment methods and keep control of cash flows.  

Build with Serrala's scalable solutions the payment factory you need.  

Serrala supports you with uniquely powerful solutions for optimizing payment processes and establishing a global payment factory. With flexible technological options – ranging from on-premise, to cloud, and hybrid solutions and managed services – that can be deployed with SAP or other ERP systems, you can easily connect all corporate entities within a joint hub and streamline and centralize your payment management. 


The Benefits of a Global Payment Factory

  • Payment optimization enables centralized payments via shared service centers and global payment factories: rerouting of transactions (payments on behalf), regrouping, validation and / or enrichment of payments within your system
  • Configurable criteria support the automated bundling of payments and routing them to the most cost-efficient payment method: by ordering bank, payment type, required format, bank conditions, or currency 
  • Centralizing management and control of company-wide payment transactions ensure maximum transparency 
  • Cloud and managed services options help to flexibly integrate local entities into one centralized infrastructure 
  • Combining the payment factory with an in-house bank facilitates more cost-efficient intercompany payments 
The project has been an exceptional example of a highly effective partnership between Lufthansa, Serrala and our banks.
Carlos Scheeren

formerly Project Head (Payment Factory), Deutsche Lufthansa AG


FS² Payments for SAP 

Find out more about our payments solution that is fully integrated in SAP S/4HANA and compatible with ECC. With its unique payment optimization it's ideal for setting up a global payment factory. 


Cloud & Hybrid Cloud 

Giving you the flexibility and security you need in a multi-ERP environment! 


Managed Services

Be more agile and let us do repetitive tasks for you - with our managed services! 

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