Effective Credit Control within SAP

Serrala’s FS² Credit empowers you to make accurate credit decisions in less time, by conducting highly automated risk analyses while keeping a watchful eye on customer accounts. Achieve optimized collaboration between sales and credit management with quick and systematic customer credit ratings and monitor portfolio trends by automating as many activities as possible. 

FS² Credit reduces customer on-boarding process time by up to 90% and boost credit analyst productivity by 30% enabling greater application scrutiny.

Automating Credit Management with Next-Generation Embedded Robotics



Retrieve credit ratings and integrate credit insurances from multiple providers directly into your SAP System.


Credit Limit

Analyze and calculate credit limits automatically and determine customer credit scores.


Approval Processing

Benefit from fast and smart credit limit approvals and processing of credit holds.


FS² Credit: Highlights and Benefits

  • Reduce customer on-boarding process time by up to 90%
  • Boost credit analyst productivity by 30% by enabling greater application scrutiny
  • Improve audit compliance with a complete record of all activities  between the customer, credit management, and sales
  • Reduce bad-debt with proactive, automated alerts that provide daily  monitoring of customer status changes
  • Better organization and structuring of business processes
  • Automated creation of correspondences
  • Embedded Robotics for Process Automation

FS² Analytics for Credit – High-end Business Intelligence Reporting

FS² Analytics can quickly set-up new reports and run speedy queries based on daily or historical data. The personalized reports are supported with responsive robust metrics and analytics to keep your processes up to date and streamlined.

The FS² Credit Analytics application displays views of risk, receivables and the credit process and provides all relevant key figures in credit management, aggregated according to meaningful dimensions such as credit account, credit control area, customer groups, creditworthiness index and risk class.


Leverage the Entire Spectrum of your SAP Technology Seamless Integration into SAP

  • Seamless Integration into SAP
  • Runs on SAP on Premise, SAP Cloud and Hybrid
  • Certified for integration with SAP S/4HANA
  • Works with current and previous SAP systems such as SAP ECC
  • Includes Fiori apps for an intuitive user experience

Add Value with End-to-End Processing in Order to Cash

Combine FS² Credit with our modules

to achieve end-to-end clarity in O2C by streamlining Credit Management with Cash Application, Collections and Disputes, and Compliance into one integrated Inbound Payment process.



Benefit from Flexible Technology Options

By combining our FS² modules for SAP with other solutions and services by Serrala, such as

to form a flexible and individual hybrid model, you can achieve the solution and technology environment that caters best to your business needs and easily scale according to your organization’s requirements.


Boost Your Data & Document Management

Increase operational savings and efficiencies, lower risk, and boost performance by underpinning your Credit Management with Corestone, our powerful Data and Document Management solution suite.


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Before the introduction of FS² Credit, the lead time for a credit application was up to six weeks. With the software and the integrated workflow as well as the assignment of events and tasks, a credit application can now be processed on the same day.  The constant processing of internal and external data and the automatic adjustment of limits have resulted in an improved monitoring process for a large customer base and we have achieved a  sharp reduction in defaults due to early warning indicators and automatic processing of these in the system.
Salvatore LoBosco

Teamlead of International ERP Finance Team and SAP FI Senior Consulting,
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With our unique O2C solutions we can significantly accelerate your cash application and collections through automation, reduce DSO, handle any kind of payment format, optimize credit management and achieve global visibility of your incoming payments faster.

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Customer Video: SunChemical

The world's largest printing ink producer uses  Serrala's SAP-integrated FS² solutions to centralize information like credit insurance data, scorecards, bank statements.

Proactive Credit Management in SAP Webinar

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Proactive Credit Management within SAP

Manage credit risk better and approval processes quicker by ensuring your credit policy is incorporated into your processes within SAP.