Smart Payment Management, fully integrated in SAP

Do you have central transparency over your company-wide payments? Would you like to replace decentralized, proprietary electronic banking solutions? Have you experienced fraud attempts and want to achieve greater security for your payments? Are your payment management processes audit-proof or are you looking for ways to enhance compliance? These questions concern many organizations globally today. Serrala is there to help!

With our SAP-integrated solution FS² Payments we help you centralize, unify, and automate your global payments. Bank communication directly from within your SAP system enables you to reduce maintenance for decentralized solutions and gives you the central transparency and control you need. Automated fraud monitoring helps you protect your payments from fraudulent attempts, and payment optimization features support the set-up of a powerful payment factory including also payments on behalf of (POBO).

With FS² Payments, you can utilize your SAP master data, so you no longer need to maintain more than one database or tool, as well as connect to other SAP systems and modules; data that is generated in SAP, stays in SAP. The software also supports other ERP solutions; and easily integrates to import, manage and send payment files, including gathering account information from banks to distribute them to your various connected ERP systems.

NEW: FS² Payments now comes with the integrated SEPA Instant Payments API which sets the basis for an end-to-end automation of payment processes through integration in your SAP ERP system. Find out more in our press release on "Important steps toward real-time treasury: Serrala and Deutsche Bank launch first API solution for real-time payments". 

Dynamic and flexible Payment Processing, Providing Transparency and Real-time Status



Automates, unifies and centralizes your payment management processes.


Approval Processing

Set up approvals to comply with internal audit regulations and defined business rules effortlessly.


Payment Factory

Manage a robust payment workflow and payment factory globally, enabling you to merge and combine different kind of payments.


In-House Banking

Enhances, facilitate, and optimize your in-house banking procedures and reduce the overall rates of banking fees.


FS² Payments: Highlights and Benefits

  • Centralizes, consolidates, and automates payment management processes
  • Supports all international financial formats
  • SmartMonitor delivers complete transparent, real-time overview of all payments
  • SmartConnect saves you money with a single dedicated bank communication tool
  • Fraud Monitor for automated fraud prevention
  • Universal Payments Creator for simplifying manual payments 
  • Payment Optimization lets you define payment rules saving time and cost 
  • Payment Factory for simple or complex centralization of cash flows
  • Conversion Engine creates, optimizes, or converts numerous payment formats
  • Powerful, configurable, and secure approval workflows

FS² Analytics for Payments– High-end Business Intelligence Reporting

FS² Analytics can quickly set-up new reports and run speedy queries based on daily or historical data. The personalized reports are supported with responsive robust metrics and analytics to keep your processes up to date and streamlined.

Examine the payment activity and performance across different countries, systems, company codes, banks and currencies. Identify unsuccessful payment transactions, minimize the impact of error occurrences and reduce payment processing. Get important insights into the performance of Payables by analyzing KPIs such as DPO, payment terms, open and outstanding payments as well as cash discount deductions.


Leverage the Entire Spectrum of your SAP Technology

  • Seamless Integration into SAP
  • Runs on SAP on Premise, SAP Cloud and Hybrid
  • Certified for integration with SAP S/4HANA
  • Works with current and previous SAP systems such as SAP ECC
  • Includes Fiori apps for an intuitive user experience

Add Value with End-to-End Processing in P2P and Payments

Combine FS² Payments with our modules

to achieve end-to-end clarity in Procure to Pay and Payments by streamlining Payment Management with Accounts Payable, Account Statement Management, Bank Account Management, and Fraud Protection into one integrated Outbound Payment process.


Benefit from Flexible Technology Options

By combining our FS² modules for SAP with other solutions and services by Serrala, such as

to form a flexible and individual hybrid model, you can achieve the solution and technology environment that caters best to your business needs and easily scale according to your organization’s requirements.


Boost Your Data & Document Management

Increase operational savings and efficiencies, lower risk, and boost performance by underpinning your Cash Application processing with Corestone, our powerful Data and Document Management solution suite.


Further Reading

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FS2 Payments Platform for SAP Brochure

Brochure: FS² Payments

Central Payment Platform for SAP

FS² Payments lets you manage company-wide payments centrally and transparently. Intelligent automation and fraud monitoring allow for maximum efficiency and security. 

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Success Story Lufthansa Payment Factory

Lufthansa – Payment Factory integrated in SAP S/4HANA

Find out how Lufthansa established a payment factory fully integrated in SAP S/4HANA with the certified solutions of Serrala.

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SEPA Instant Payments API FS2 Payments Product Sheet

Product Sheet: SEPA Instant Payments API

SEPA Instant Payments directly from the ERP system

The new feature of our SAP-embedded software FS² Payments supports instant payments and paves the way for real-time treasury. 

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Product Sheet: Fraud Monitor

Identify Suspicious Outbound Payments and Prevent Losses

Make your payment transactions more secure using the Serrala Fraud Monitor for SAP, a Fiori app-based solution that allows you to identify suspicious payments in time and take appropriate action.

Solution Brochures

Payment Management Brochure

Achieve Cost Efficiency, Central Transparency and Security for Your Global Outbound Payment Transactions