We had the pleasure of recently catching up with one of Serrala’s Solutions Architects, David Popper, currently working out of our office in Berlin. David started working with Serrala just a few months ago, in June and has made an excellent addition to our team. During his short time with us, David has acquired the nickname, “Mr. Tea” — because of his love for tea and has stood out among his colleagues for his hilarious sense of humor and comedic ways.


What is your current role at Serrala? How do you contribute to the overall mission of the company?

I currently work as a consultant for the company with the intention of moving into a Solutions Architect role. As a Solutions Architect, I primarily handle the business cases with potential clients in a pre-sale capacity. I work to understand what the potential client’s needs and wishes are and then cater to their objectives by customizing the right software solution. Because we work with a lot of diverse clients on a regular basis from a wide variety of industries and are at the forefront of change in the financial industry, I am able help suggest solutions for potential clients that are tailored to their specific needs. In my current role as a consultant, I am responsible for delivering the solution the client has requested from us.

What led you to Serrala?

Earlier this year, my fiancé and I decided to move from the Netherlands to Germany to be closer to her friends and family here. While I don’t speak fluent German, I had faith that the right opportunity would come along. After making the decision to move, I was contacted by Serrala the very next day for the opportunity to interview. It seemed like fate as I am able to work in English, travel to meet clients and also work from home. I then realized that I had been using a piece of their software already from my previous job and I just wasn’t able to pass up the opportunity. There was no doubt in my mind that Serrala was where I wanted to be.

What was your first impression of Serrala and has that evolved or changed over time?

I was very impressed with the rate of how fast Serrala is growing into an international company. There have been a lot of positive changes during my short time here and I think Serrala is truly a world-class fintech organization. The company is doing a lot for its’ employees and has made some recent changes in five weeks that some organizations do in five years – clearly setting us apart from our competition.

Tell us about a positive and/or rewarding experience while working at Serrala?

In the last few months since joining the company, I have been fortunate enough to travel with Serrala and have been able to go to America twice—once in  Phoenix, where I loved being able to be a speaker at the North American Credit Management conference back in June; I presented a customer case presentation about how a global pharmaceutical company (incidentally, my former company) used Serrala’s SAP integrated solution FS² to optimize credit and collections management. Also, to Dublin, Ohio to work on one of Serrala’s largest projects to date, with another global pharmaceutical company. I have to say that it was the first time I had ever been on a team event which lasted all weekend and it was a blast. With these opportunities, I am convinced Serrala is dedicated to seeing their employees succeed and achieve their highest growth potential.

How would you describe the culture at Serrala to someone considering working here?

Serrala is a people-driven organization. Our motivation to grow or succeed in the company is ultimately our decision. If a person wants to do well, then they will.  I enjoy the Solutions Architect team and am happy to be a part of it—I also think the guys in Berlin are also a lot of fun. I feel confident about the direction of the company and am energized and motivated about my future here! If you were considering working for Serrala, I would definitely recommend it.