If we had to describe Ramiro Criado Sánchez in three words—dedicated, radiant, and inspiring are the first that come to mind. Ramiro currently resides in Madrid, Spain but has the heart of a true world citizen, having also lived in the United States and visited many countries around the globe. As much as Ramiro is a dedicated runner, he is also a loyal Serrala employee. During the first weekend of November this year, Ramiro ran the New York Marathon while proudly wearing a Serrala branded shirt. This was Ramiro’s third marathon having previously ran in Seville and Madrid. A glimpse into the determined person Ramiro is can be shown through the intensive training he endured preparing for the marathon by running over 340 miles in 3 months.

When Ramiro is not running, he works as a Senior Consultant for Serrala, primarily focused on serving B2B customers. In his role, Ramiro works on many international projects in various countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Although Ramiro travels frequently he says it doesn't affect his training because all he needs is a pair of running shoes and he is good to go!

What is your role at Serrala?

My main focus is maintaining relationships with existing customers while also forging connections with potential new customers. As a Senior Consultant, I am tasked with helping our customers implement our exclusive software and to ensure they are 100 percent satisfied with the product and services we are delivering. When I have availability and the occasion requires my profile skills, I help out the local sales team by working on proposals or running demos, this gives me the opportunity to show potential new customers how our solutions will help them meet their business objectives, on time and on budget.

What lead you to Serrala?

I started working at Serrala in April of 2017 when we were still Hanse Orga Group. It is a funny story, I had initially applied for a career with Hanse Orga Group, went through the interview process and then decided not to work for the company based on a few personal issues at the time. But then a few months later, I resumed my job search and was contacted by a headhunter that was looking for financial consultants. After explaining the role they were looking for, they told me the employer was Hanse Orga Group and I thought it was destiny being contacted twice in two months by the same company, so I went for it. This job allows me to work with large international clients while traveling the globe and working in English.

What was your first impression of the company?

Since day one, Serrala has proven to be a great company to work for. My first impression was made during a two-month training program in Hamburg, Germany. I noticed immediately that the company was taking care of their employees by bringing in their best consultants to meet with us and lead what was an intensive and comprehensive training session. The opportunity provided me the chance to get to know my fellow colleagues in an open and flexible manner. It was clear to me after this experience that I was working for a company that is willing to invest in their employees, not only by offering comprehensive training, but by listening and genuinely trying to forge lasting relationships with their dedicated group of employees.

What is one thing you wish people knew about Serrala?

Through my experience at Serrala, I have gotten to experience many other cultures and meet a variety of new people that take pride in working for a “best in class” company within the financial industry. Serrala also offers many “perks” for us, like organizing events that let the employees to get to know each order or allowing us to work remotely.

Serrala sponsored you for this year’s New York Marathon. How did that come about?

Everyone within Serrala, especially the management and the marketing team are so enthusiastic about our new brand. A colleague of mine suggested that I reach out to the marketing team and let them know that I was running the NYC marathon and see if they would be interested in having me represent the company by wearing our logo. I thought it would be a great way to help recognize the company and show that with the support of one’s company, we can do great things together and achieve our top goals. The marketing team loved the idea and was very supportive.

 I felt like the opportunity was a big responsibility, because our logo represents each of the Serrala employees. It represents our team work, our commitment to customers— traveling to meet and support them in person – and as the brand represents, us moving mountains together. I was excited and proud to be able to contribute, in a humble way, to all the fantastic work the company has done changing and evolving since becoming Serrala.  I was proud to show our brand to thousands of people through all 26.2 miles. Needless to say, I was also a bit nervous because I had the dream to run the New York City marathon at least once in my life for many years. I am glad I finally did it and am grateful for the support of Serrala along the way!