Recent grads – check it out! Meet Ryan Helmeid, Product Marketing Associate in one of Serrala’s U.S. offices in the Windy City of Chicago. Ryan has been working for Serrala for almost three years and began working here right out of college. After earning his marketing degree from Trinity International University in 2015, Ryan started out in another department and was able to work his way over to his passion – in the marketing department. He has watched our company grow – specifically in the U.S. from 12 employees in 2016 to 148 today. 

What led you to Serrala?
When I first graduated college, I was hoping to land a job at a company that I could grow with. I didn’t want to be somewhere where I was doing the same thing every day. That’s when I found Hanse Orga Group (now Serrala)— who was growing their presence in the U.S.  I first started as a Business Development Executive in 2016 where I applied what I had learned in school as well as eased myself into the corporate world. In this position, I was responsible for forming new relationships with executive and non-executive-level customers in the areas of finance, accounting, treasury, and IT, including many Fortune 500 companies from the US and Canada. After building up my skills for a couple years, I joined our marketing team, which was my goal from day one. 
As a Product Marketing Associate, my role is to serve as a translator for the product managers and solutions architects, and the marketing, sales and inside sales teams. My colleague and I work as the go-betweens for these groups. We design positioning and messaging for all of the products that Serrala has to offer. We prepare the marketing and sales teams to go into new business meetings with clients with the most relevant and strongest pitch possible. I work with both groups to meet their goals and help them overcome challenges they may face. Essentially, I take the in-the-weeds tech language and make it digestible for people by drawing out important positioning and messaging. 

What is the culture like in the Chicago office?
Everyone is very friendly and open to conversation. We’re a small office and we have really bonded as a group. It’s nice to have a tightknit office where we can be productive but still get to know each other on a personal level. Serrala is a large company with offices across the United States and Europe, and lately there has been a big push to integrate all teams. The company does a great job making our small office feel in the loop. 
What is your favorite aspect of working at Serrala?
No two days are the same. I like that the job always presents challenges for me to overcome. I am used to facing challenges head on and was given the opportunity to grow early in my time at Serrala.  I was dedicated to moving to the Marketing team and my managers were aware of that. When a position opened up, it worked in my favor that I was asked about moving to that position before they started looking externally. This opportunity proved to me that Serrala really cares about their employees.  Also, the way Serrala operates on a global scale is another reason they are a great fit for me. I work on a very small team with one other person on the Product Marketing team. The downtown Chicago office has 15 people, but despite our size Serrala does a great job meshing the United States and EMEA teams, making sure every employee knows they are part of the Serrala team.

What do you see for the future of Serrala?
Hanse Orga Group became Serrala in June of 2018 and brought with it a new look and feel as well as many operational changes. I have witnessed some big changes in this company in my short time here. We had a great transition from Hanse Orga to Serrala and everyone sees a bright future for our strong new brand. Personally, I am excited to continue to grow with the company and believe Serrala will continue to provide unique opportunities to their employees and to our customers.