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Time to Increase Your Payments Security

Prevent Payments Fraud

As fraudsters keep innovating and are becoming more active in an increasingly digitized world, it is time for corporates to ramp up fraud prevention measures.

Over 80% of companies report in surveys that they have experienced one or more fraud and cybercrime attempts.

Serrala helps you prevent payment fraud before it happens with solutions that put a safety lock on your outbound payments. No more manual random checks, but automated fraud screening in real time!

Benefits of Automated Fraud Detection

  • Central payments control through an integrated view in one system
  • Fraud checks on every single transaction – rule-based for real-time fraud detection
  • Secure management of payments including encryption, segregation of duties, and two-factor authentication
  • Harmonization and standardization of payment processes companywide
  • Flexible configuration and consistency of approval workflows and authorizations

Reduce the Risk of Fraud

Product Sheet Serrala Fraud Monitor for SAP

Discover our payment fraud prevention tool that drastically reduces the risk of fraud! On transaction level, it provides you with rule-based payment fraud screenings and reliably detects any suspicious payments. Learn more about the Serrala Fraud Monitor for SAP in our product sheet.

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