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Podcast: Strategies for Driving Cash Visibility

Cash visibility remains top priority for treasurers, but how do treasurers obtain good data for decision-making?  

Eleanor Hill, editor at TMI magazine, and Nancy Zhang, Director Solution Success at Serrala, discuss today’s challenges and solutions for treasurers.  

Questions covered:  

  • Are challenges any different today?  
  • Has the pandemic led more treasurers to take a seat at the decision-makers table?
  • What are the lessons learned during the crisis? 
  • Is it time to move from survival mode to long-term strategy?  
  • How can treasurers take that leap? 
  • What is the best advice for strategy development? 
  • How do you get started with solution implementation projects?  
  • Listen to this 30-minute podcast to get into latest facts and best practices. 

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