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Managed Services Payment Formats

Format payments for each bank, country, and payment type

With Managed Services Payment Formats, leave the handling of your payment formats to us. Serrala will manage the set up, testing, and optimization of payment formats for each bank, country and payment type you use, so you can concentrate on your core business. Simply send us your payment media, and we will send you the correct payment files using a secure API for further processing.

Using our global repository of up-to-date format specifications, we provide you with fast and efficient payment formatting services that are governed by a strict service level agreement. Our service makes it easy to add new bank connections and payment formats in a matter of hours, as you need them.

Key benefits of Managed Services Payment Formats include:

• Optimized payment processing and best practices for payment formatting
• Enhanced payment security thanks to our validation, correction and enrichment of payment formats
• Significant time and cost savings with more accurate payments and more efficient payment grouping and bank connections
• Quickly enable new payment formats and scale payment formatting services to meet your unique business requirements