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Receivables as a Service

Product Sheet

Captures remittance information in the Cloud

Receivables as a Service removes the technical and functional complexity of remittance advice handling. This Managed Automation solution automatically captures, interprets, converts and enriches the remittance information directly in the cloud before forwarding it to your various ERP systems. It eliminates the manual work involved in remittance advice handling, so your company can achieve unparalleled levels of matching without compromising the robust posting routines available in your system of record. It can be used as a stand-alone service but it s also a useful addition to FS² AutoBank, our SAP-integrated software for cash application.

Features and Benefits

•    No need for complex and costly on-premise installation
•    Flexible integration of data from entities
•    One solution for all remittances
•    Fast and accurate cash posting
•    Data directly posted within SAP
•    Improved promise-to-pay process in collections management and real-time worklist updates
•    Real-time integration in credit management, earlier update of credit scores and credit lines
•    Service provider with a global footprint and strong local expertise
•    Clear Service Level Agreement
•    Scale the service to your unique business requirements
•    Transparent pricing
•    Secure servers – flexibility for customers to choose where to host the data