Quick Wins in Collections –

our rapid deployment option for your collections and dispute management

The global economy continues to be highly volatile, affecting almost every industry sector. In this uncertain climate, payment delays, liquidity crunches and insolvencies are a constant threat. Working capital has become a top priority, making it essential for you to focus on your receivables and collect them quickly and decisively.

You already have Serrala finance solutions running and appreciate their seamless integration in SAP. Adding our collections solution within SAP to complement your finance processes can reap immediate results.

Up and running in no time – digitize your in-house collections in SAP within 10 days

Level-up your existing finance processes up by implementing the FS² Collections solution completely remotely within SAP, in less than 10 days, using our rapid deployment option. This way, you will be able to reduce your DSO quickly and optimize your processes with a centralized and professional collections solution.

Sound collection processes are key to ensuring sufficient inbound cash flows. In times when finance teams work from home, digitizing processes is important to ensuring successful collections.

Discover how our rapidly deployed, SAP-integrated, FS² Collections software solution covers all the functions for your collections processes, including

Collection history
Customer call
Promise to pay
Dispute management
Payment plan
External recovery

Four main success factors of our SAP-integrated solution FS² Collections

  • Intelligent automation – digital processes to manage collections and disputes quickly and effortlessly
  • Central overview – manage your debt portfolio in a digital customer file
  • Define standards – create reliable and repeatable processes
  • Be quick and decisive – provide clear guidelines for your customers and your teams




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