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Product Sheet: SEPA Instant Payments API

SEPA Instant Payments directly from the ERP system

The new feature of our SAP-embedded software FS² Payments supports instant payments and paves the way for real-time treasury. 

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Brochure: FS² eBAM for SAP

Bank account management fully embedded in SAP systems

The software streamlines your (electronic) bank account management, bank reporting for FBAR, and your bank fee analysis.

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Brochure: FS² Payments

Central Payment Platform for SAP

FS² Payments lets you manage company-wide payments centrally and transparently. Intelligent automation and fraud monitoring allow for maximum efficiency and security. 

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Brochure: Alevate Accounts Payable

Process Invoices in the Cloud

Optimized invoice capture, validation, processing and posting in the cloud.

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Brochure: FS² Collections

Collections Management within SAP

With FS² Collections you can collect customer payments and resolve disputes successfully.

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Brochure: FS² Credit

Credit Management within SAP

FS² Credit empowers you to determine and prevent credit risk and ensure a secure customer on-boarding.

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Discover Alevate - the cloud solution suite for B2B

Brochure: Alevate

The cloud-based B2B solution suite

Discover the features & benefits of our agile, adaptable, and secure cloud solution suite for order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, treasury, and data and document management.

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Cloud solution for cash and treasury management: Alevate TMS

Alevate TMS

Cash, liquidity, and treasury management in the cloud

Discover more about this agile, flexible and secure cloud solution. 

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Download the brochure on FS² AccountsPayable

Brochure: FS² Accounts Payable

Automated Accounts Payable Processing Fully Integrated with SAP Systems

The solution automates and streamlines the entire Accounts Payable process - from invoice capture to approval and posting.