Product Sheet: Payments as a Service

Outsourcing tasks like converting payment formats, bank connectivity, optimizing payments, detecting fraud attempts empowers organizations to be more agile and cost-efficient.

Managed Services for Payments enables organizations to outsource the time-consuming elements of managing payments to Serrala. The greater visibility, security and flexibility provided by this cloud-based service can be used to complement and extend an organization's existing payment management capabilities within SAP or other ERP systems or as a stand-alone payment hub.

Features and capabilities of Managed Services for Payments include:

  • Connectivity: wide range of readily available connectivity options including host-to-host, EBICS, SWIFT to connect with banks and new payment service providers (e.g. PayPal, Ripple)
  • Formats: portfolio of bank formats readily available to clients
  • Anti-fraud: detection, prevention and monitoring of suspicious actions
  • Compliance: checks against internal and external databases
  • Payment optimization: rerouting and enrichment of payments