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Serrala is a global financial automation and B2B payments software company creating more secure payment capabilities worldwide for enterprises of all sizes. We are a leading fintech pushing the boundaries of finance software by integrating finance and treasury into one central ecosystem for corporate payments – the “Universe of Payments”.


AR Automation

Centralize and streamline your inbound payments with our O2C solutions by efficiently processing your incoming orders, predicatively assessing customer risk, accurately deploying collection and dispute strategies and highly automating your cash application.


AP Automation

Serrala provides processes – from automated supplier evaluation and management, to invoice processing and payment management enabling tight end-to-end security and fraud prevention.



Central control and transparency over group-wide cash is essential for every organization. Make your payment processes highly secure and compliant with international regulations with standardized and automated processes for your outbound payments including fraud prevention – at all times.


Treasury & Cash Visibility

Achieve holistic treasury & cash visibility and enhance your working capital management. Traditionally, cash visibility is all about knowing how much cash you have in your bank accounts. At Serrala, we go beyond the boundaries and extend the classical account statement management approach to enable a holistic cash overview.


Data and Document Management

Increase operational savings, efficiencies, and compliance with our data and document management solutions. Serrala helps you to better control access to information, reduce data volume, and comply with privacy and retention requirements from the moment data are received or created throughout the information lifecycle.

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