Data & Document Management

Increase Operational Savings, Increase Efficiencies and Lower Risk

Businesses are experiencing an exponential growth of data in today’s digitized world. Data is “the oil of the digital era” fueling more informed decision making, opening up new business opportunities, and powering the machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities that businesses need to succeed today and in the future. However, to capitalize on this increasingly valuable asset, companies need to be able to control the storage of and access to data and documents („information“) from the moment they are received or created throughout the information lifecycle, in accordance with policies and regulations.

Our Data and Document Management solutions, Serrala Corestone, provide companies with a comprehensive set of software solutions and managed services to control information across the entire information lifecycle and meet your specific business needs.


Our Suite of Data and Document Solutions

Archive Storage Service

Leverage a more flexible and broader range of archive storage options, including public cloud-based storage ― the most scalable and cost-effective archive storage ― to align the cost of storage to the value of the information archived.  

Data Volume Management

Reduce data in your enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, SAP or other ERP, with automated archiving solutions that move information to the right location over its lifecycle and seamless access to archived information for reporting and audit responses.

Legacy Decommissioning

Retire enterprise systems by archiving legacy data and documents. By decommissioning legacy systems, companies can reduce the risk, cost, and time required to maintain obsolete systems and enable better access to information for responding to audits and inquiries.

Privacy and Compliance

Protect data privacy and ensure information in production systems and archive repositories are retained according to corporate policies and regulations. The solution streamlines the process of retaining and protecting information from its initial creation through eventual destruction, ensuring it is secure and protected from potential information leaks.

Audit Readiness

Reduce risk and save your team time and effort in preparing information for auditors by extracting large volumes of data and documents from online systems and archive repositories. The solution extracts the information in audit-ready formats to meet global standard (SOX, SAF-T) and ad-hoc audit requirements. Internal teams can quickly review and reconcile information before handing it over to auditors.

Key Benefits of Our Data and Document Solutions

  • Centralized and standardized information management across multiple systems, locations, and countries
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of enterprise systems
  • Faster back-up and maintenance of enterprise systems
  • Secure information storage in accordance with privacy and other regulations
  • Seamless access to archived data for analysis, audit, and more
  • Automation of cumbersome, ongoing archiving tasks 
  • Improved system performance
  • Simplified IT landscape
  • Modernization of enterprise platforms
  • Quickly adaptable to changing regulations such as PCI, GDPR, HIPPA and more

Future-Proof Technology — Flexible and Scalable!



As technology follows business needs, we offer different deployment options depending on the solutions you require and the systems you run – be it on-premise, cloud or a hybrid approach.


Multiple ERP Systems

The suite enables companies to unify and standardize procedures across multiple, fragmented enterprise systems.


Managed Services

In constantly changing markets we support you with managed services to make you more agile and flexible in your business.

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Increase Operational Savings, Increase Efficiencies and Lower Risk — with Future-proof Data and Document Management Solutions