Archive Service

Align the Cost of Retaining Information with its Value to the Business

Large enterprise systems generate large volumes of data and documents that take up valuable space in the system database, which is expensive, slows down system performance and makes it difficult to perform system back ups or maintenance. Much of the data that resides in enterprise systems is old and will not change over time (take for example a fulfilled invoice or historical bank statement), so it provides very little value to the business, but it must be kept to support reporting needs or to comply with retention policies and regulations. 


Serrala’s Archive Service enables companies to align the cost of retaining information with the value that the information provides to the business.  Using this service, companies can archive data and documents and move this information out of production systems and into a more flexible and broader range of archive storage options, including public cloud-based storage ― the most scalable and cost-effective archive storage available.

Key Benefits of Our Solution

  • Lower cost of storage by 50% or more
  • Simplify the IT landscape
  • Improve system performance for production enterprise systems
  • Improve compliance with data and document retention policies

Key Capabilities of Our Solution

  • Service-based connection to external disk or cloud archive repositories
  • Support for popular cloud repositories including Google, Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, AT&T
  • Ability to store both structured and unstructured information in selected archive repository including:
    • Inbound and Outbound documents, e.g. invoices, billing output
    • Printlists
    • Enterprise data
    • Audit files (DART, SAF-T, and more)
    • Other content storage, e.g. SAP DMS, SAPOffice

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