Cash Application

High-speed Invoice Matching for Optimized Inbound Payments

Customer payments come in all kind of different formats such as bank statements, remittance advices, lockbox and check images making the reconciliation process labour-intensive and error-prone. In addition to banking communication, the increasing usage of payment service providers by customers adds further complexity to cash applications processes. If you want to optimize your liquidity and working capital with swift and precise cash application while reducing risk and DSO, there is no alternative to automation.

Our Cash Application solution reaches highest possible levels of automation rates and efficiency gains for matching all payments against open items, intelligently recognizing and consolidating all common formats from banks and customers while simultaneously integrating all payment information into one process for matching purposes. Utilizing embedded robotic process automation and machine learning capabilities our solution improves the accuracy of the clearing process, making repetitive and manual activities obsolete and enabling accountants to focus on more sophisticated and high-value tasks.


Cash Application Clarity by Serrala – Achieves Automation Levels of 80-95% with Peaks of 98%


Best-Practice Cash Application

  • Digitizes the cash application process
  • Accepts all common formats from banks, customers and payment service providers
  • Posting rules and filters can be managed by the business unit
  • Easy adaption = high user rate
  • Access and work with real time data within your ERP
  • LiveCash offers same day processing
  • SmartEye for remittance advices, emails and PDFs Meets all audit and compliance requirements

Automated Determination of Key Figures

  • Cash Application Cockpit incl. quick and clear overview, all relevant data at a glance and transparency through integrated graphs
  • Comprehensive reporting framework
  • Dashboard – visualization of KPI's
  • Self-learning software utilizing data for continuous process improvement
  • Embedded Robotics for Process Automation

Multiple High-End Technology Deployment Options

  • On-premise deployment, fully integrated into your ERP
  • Cloud solution, ensuring quick and scalable application and maximum security
  • Hybrid approach, integrating on-premise and cloud solutions for best-in-class results
  • Managed Services option for precise and focused use on an as-needed basis

Unprecedented Matching Rates thanks to Embedded Robotics


Our Cash Application solution boost the efficiency of your inbound payments and the A/R efforts by 50% to 60%. With our sophisticated SmartEye technology all formats of structured and unstructured remittance advices are accepted directly processed within your system, saving you time and condensing steps in the workflow. You can quickly set-up new reports and run speedy queries based on daily or historical data. The personalized reports are supported with responsive robust metrics and analytics to keep your processes up to date and streamlined. And finally, our cash application solution puts you in charge; you own the solution writing your rules and filters for posting.


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Customer Success Story SIEMENS
Our users worldwide are very satisfied, because the usability of Serrala's Automatic Cash Application solution FS² AutoBank is high and the system is robust. Moreover, Serrala is a reliable partner who is flexible and always open to customer suggestions. Thanks to all that, we are gradually coming close to our goal of achieving high automatic processing rates and better processes in order to save time and costs.
Nico Mueller

Portfolio und Process Management, Siemens AG

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