Risk & Compliance

Fulfill Regulatory Requirements and Avoid Liabilities and Business-damaging Sanctions

The complex interrelationships between legal regulations present a growing challenge for companies in today’s globalized and increasingly interconnected economy in which financial relationships transcend national borders. That is why, in today’s economy it is codes of conduct, compliance with regulatory requirements and knowledge about current embargos and economic sanctions that help ensure a company’s ongoing growth and success. A reliable compliance system has become something no company can afford to live without, as one can be made liable for the misconduct of business partners. Additionally, more and more companies refuse to make business with organizations that have no functioning compliance management in place. Therefore, compliance not only protects you from liability risks, punitive damages, and approval withdrawals as well as reputational damages. They also ensure that your business partners continue to trust you.


Serrala Risk & Compliance Management – Analyse and Rate Business Partner Compliance and Ensure Business Integrity


Best Practice Risk & Compliance Management

  • Automated determination of compliance score and risk category
  • Digital screening and approval procedure
  • Proactive, automated alerts that provide daily monitoring of compliance status changes.
  • Process-based templates, e.g. on-boarding, due diligence
  • Integrated correspondence function
  • Integrated worklist prioritizes processing



Automated Determination of Key Figures

  • Risk & Compliance Management Cockpit incl. quick and clear overview, all relevant data at a glance and transparency through integrated graphs
  • Integrated compliance score card
  • Comprehensive reporting framework
  • Dashboard – visualization of KPI's
  • Embedded Robotics for Process Automation






Direct Connection to External Compliance Information Sources

  • Online-connection to providers of sanction, terror and PEP lists
  • Interface to compliance databases to screen customers with regard to anomalies and potential risks
  • Seamless integration of all relevant information into your system for further processing and decision making




Intelligently Automated Screening and Monitoring Delivers Security


Our risk & compliance management helps you to meet regulatory requirements and ensure business integrity by screening and monitoring internal processes as well as your business network with regard to anomalies and potentially critical issues. Connecting your operating system seamlessly with the leading sanction list providers, allows you to conduct real-time compliance checks with a push of a button, detecting business partners that are identified as Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), engaged in money laundering or other criminal activities or listed as sponsors of terrorism. Determine compliance scores, assure compliant business partner onboarding via due diligence and identify any suspicious and exceptional activity in time with our best practice compliance management solution.


FS² Compliance

Find out about our SAP-integrated solution for risk & compliance.


Cloud & Hybrid Cloud

Combining the Best of Both Worlds – ERP and Cloud


Managed Services

Making your payment processes more agile.

Ensuring Business Integrity throughout your Organization and Business Network

With our Risk & Compliance solution you can achieve complete transparency regarding the risk related to your business partners. The time needed to check customers and suppliers is significantly reduced, optimizing the overall onboarding process and securing your supply chain and customer base. With our solution you ensure the auditability and fulfilment of requirements laid forward by legislators, business partners, and investors. With end-to-end integration into your operating system and an active risk management you are safe instead of sorry.

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