Payment Process Management

Simplify the Group-wide Administration, Monitoring and Sending of Electronic Payments

Our consultants help you build a group-wide payment management solution for internal and external cash flows. We will help you simplify the group-wide administration, monitoring and sending of electronic payments to all your connected banks (SWIFT, EBICS, host-to-host) so you can achieve a global and direct connection from your SAP FI system to all of your banks.

Your Benefits:

  • Consistent connection of all current accounts within one system
  • Direct communication of payment media from the SAP FI module to your banks
  • Monitoring of the payment process
  • Central execution of all accounts payable (Payment Factory)
  • Central execution of intra-group payments (In-house Bank)
  • Global cash pooling and clearing of intra-group receivables/payables (Netting)