AP Automation

Improve the Speed, Accuracy and Transparency of Supplier Management, Invoice Processing and Outbound Payments

Maintaining control over outbound payments with an efficient procure-to-pay (P2P) process has a positive effect on a company’s costs, productivity, and overall cash position. It not only improves the Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), it can also help reduce the risk of losses due to duplicate payments, overpayments, pricing errors or fraud. With around 78% of all companies subject to attempted payment fraud, it is increasingly important for organizations to improve visibility and control over outbound payments.

Our AP Automation solution provides you with a complete outbound payment ecosystem that improves the speed, accuracy and transparency of invoice processing by completely automating it from the moment invoices are received to the moment they are paid.


The solutions centralize and standardize the procure-to-pay process and provide advanced P2P reports and analytics so your organizations can achieve greater transparency into global working capital and quickly adapt processes to rapidly changing business conditions. The solutions are ideal for use in global shared services centers, but are equally beneficial when used in local subsidiaries by in-house AP teams.

Key Benefits of P2P Solutions

  • Centralize and standardize P2P processes in a single hub
  • Increase process efficiency with embedded automation
  • Tight end-to-end security for outbound payments
  • Audit-proof processes
  • Proactive fraud prevention
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Control over DPO

Supplier Evaluation

Streamline the onboarding of suppliers by automating the setup and maintenance of supplier master data. Conduct real-time assessments of suppliers using the latest compliance checks and risks factors so you always have the most up to date and accurate information.


Supplier Management

Improve the quality of supplier information with a secure, self-service portal that standardizes the capture and maintenance of supplier information. The solution also simplifies communications with suppliers so AP teams can resolve exceptions quickly and pay suppliers on time.


Accounts Payable Management

Capture supplier invoices electronically and instantly validate information to prevent fraud. Automatically post invoices that meet your business criteria or route them for further approval or exception handling so they can be posted and paid.


Payment Management

Simplify the process of paying suppliers and automatically detect fraud before payments go out the door with a centralized payment hub. The solution standardizes how payments are made across multiple banks, formats, and channels.

Future-Proof Technology — Flexible and Scalable!



As technology follows business needs, we offer different deployment options depending on the solutions you require and the systems you run – be it on-premise, cloud or a hybrid approach.


Multiple ERP Systems

The suite enables companies to unify and standardize procedures across multiple, fragmented enterprise systems.


Managed Services

In constantly changing markets we support you with managed services to make you more agile and flexible in your business.

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