Accounts Payable Management

Optimize Invoice Processing to Increase Efficiencies and Reduce the Cost Per Invoice

Consistent performance is the hallmark of world-class AP departments, yet manual processes can make it difficult to use the same process consistently across different locations. Manual processes are also difficult to adapt to support the demands of today's digital business and are not easy to scale to handle greater invoice volumes. Even if an automated process is in place, it can be difficult to get real-time information on invoices if the process is used across multiple, disjointed enterprise systems.


Serrala's Accounts Payable Management solution standardizes and centralizes invoice processing, so organizations can increase efficiencies and reduce the cost of processing invoices globally. Our solution uses intelligent robotic automation to automate invoice processing from initial invoice capture, through processing and reporting. It provides organizations with innovative cloud-based components that improve the speed, accuracy, and transparency of invoice processing. It also provides the organization with real-time, accurate information on invoices, regardless of where they are in the process, so companies can process invoices quickly and pay suppliers on time.

Key Benefits of Our Solution


Our completely digitized invoice processing solution, provides organizations with the following benefits:

  • Centralize invoice processing for global shared services centers
  • View real-time information on invoices 
  • Improve compliance with corporate and local regulations
  • Capture all available discounts
  • Improve supplier relationships

Flexible Capture Options

  • Ability to capture manual (paper, PDF) or electronic (XML, EDI, etc.) invoice formats.
  • Support for multiple capture methods including electronic capture, OCR, or invoice capture service providers
  • Integration with leading vendor portals and procurement networks (Ariba, Taulia, Coupa, etc.)

Intelligent Process Automation

  • Automated validation of invoice data against master data and other trusted sources
  • Embedded RPA and machine learning (ML) capabilities to automate and streamline processing
  • Configurable business rules to automatically route invoices for approval or exception handling
  • Ability to quickly view, approve, and process invoices using Web-based applications

Real Time Information

  • Real-time information on invoices with detailed invoice status code tracking
  • Robust Accounts Payable dashboards and reports
  • Ability to drill down to view invoice details in the system of record, including the full invoice history, approval status, and original invoice image

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