Payment Processing

Enabling You to Accelerate Your Payment Processes

Maintaining central control and transparency of company-wide is often a challenge, particularly so in global corporate structures with many different payment types, local formats, protocols, currencies and bank relations.

What you need is a payment solution that supports all types of payments and lets you effect payments in any format and via any protocol – from local to international. Digitization is a trend in payments today and automation of creation, approval and release of payments helps drive efficiency gains and accelerates overall processes. And for the remaining manual payments that occur, for example, ad hoc, you need a solution that enables fast entry features that simplify these processes.

Discover your possibilities with our different technological options: the fully SAP-integrated solution FS² Payments, the cloud-based solutions Alevate and managed services for multiple enterprise systems. Just select the options that best fit your corporate structure and policies. All in all, our solutions make your payment processing as cost-efficient and transparent as possible for your entire organization and help you reduce costly decentralized systems.

Serrala Optimizes Your Payment Processing


Benefits of Serrala's Solutions: Best-Practice Payment Processing

  • All types of payments can be handled including commercial, treasury, and salary payments, made as payment runs, manually, ad-hoc or other via other payment methods
  • Uniquely simplified manual payments through templates accelerating the overall payments process
  • Replacing decentralized electronic banking systems thereby reducing costs and increasing central visibility into your payments

  • Automated retrieval of account and payment status information
  • Instant creation, approval, and release of payments with robotic process automation, applying configurable workflows and secure segregation of duty
True to our credo “forever better”, we wanted to make our payment management and the bank communication “forever better”. We have been tremendously successful in doing so thanks to the FinanceSuite Payment Management. We certainly recommend this central and flexible solution in SAP®.
Robert Dyer

ORG/Coordination, Miele & Cie. KG

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