In-house Banking & Netting

Achieve Greater Cost-efficiency for Your Company by Establishing Intragroup Financial Services and thus Reducing External Costs


Tired of paying outsource services and banks to calculate and settle your intercompany payments?

Serrala Helps You to Settle your Intercompany Payments More Efficiently and to Reduce External Payments.

Master today's challenges of globalized operations with the most efficient handling of the company's cash across subsidiaries, countries and currencies. 

Our unique in-house banking and netting solutions and services enable you to substantially reduce costs and achieve the integration, control, and visibility you need today in a challenging global financial environment. With an in-house bank you can enhance your global cash pooling and clearing of intra-group receivables and payables. Intelligent features for intercompany reconciliation and netting help control cash better and ensure optimal liquidity levels for the company. 

Discover your possibilities with our different technological options: fully SAP-integrated solution FS² Treasury, cloud-based solutions and managed automation for multiple enterprise systems, and consulting for implementing or optimizing standard SAP applications.



Best Practices and Benefits of In-house Banking & Netting

  • Centrally bundle subsidiary payments and intercompany payments on internal clearing accounts 
  • Show intercompany cash flows on  intercompany bank accounts
  • Cash pooling automatically generating an intercompany position towards the master account holder
  • Automated clearing of intercompany accounts receivable and payable
  • Fewer external payments
  • Balanced figures at the end of each accounting period

In-house Banking & Netting – not just for big businesses

  • Flexible and scalable solutions for connecting your entities more easily, for example via cloud or hybrid solutions
  • Tapping the full potential of in-house banking and netting features in existing enterprise system for maximum ROI
  • Greater transparency of intercompany cash visibility

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