Treasury & Risk

Obtain the Deep, Accurate and Timely Insight that You Need to Efficiently Manage Financial Transactions and Risks

Volatile markets and strong exchange rate fluctuations require a near-real-time insight into corporate cash movements. Achieving cash visibility is of particular significance to treasurers and cash managers because it delivers the fundamentals for strategic decision-making concerning financing, FX hedging and investments. It is also essential for accurate cash flow forecasting, managing cash and risk exposures efficiently to ensure the financial solvency of the organization on a daily basis.

Customers benefit from a uniquely comprehensive approach offering more in-depth knowledge for treasury & risk management and providing a group-wide overview thanks to Serrala's flexibly deployable technologies and personalized consulting.  


Our solutions and personalized consulting enable you to achieve better cash visibility and to efficiently manage all your financial transactions and positions. In accordance with accounting standards such as IFRS and IAS, we will help streamline your treasury processes, from trade to processing to the valuation and the transfer to accounting, and empower secure risk management.

Discover your possibilities with our different technological options: fully SAP-integrated solution FS² Treasury, cloud-based solutions and managed automation for multiple enterprise systems, and consulting for implementing or optimizing standard SAP applications.


Best Practice Treasury & Risk Management

  • Central management of all types of financial transactions such as money market, foreign exchange, interest, loans, guarantees, derivatives, commodities, and securities
  • Integration of market data from providers such as Reuters and trading platforms such as 360T)
  • Detailed limit management for cash visibility purposes
  • Key performance indicators for measuring investment and borrowing decisions
  • Integrated, configurable reporting
  • Key performance indicators for measuring investment performance

Benefits of an Integrated Approach

  • Connecting all entities to your treasury via flexible technological options – from on-premise, via cloud to hybrid and managed services
  • Making full use of enterprise systems and integrating all subsidiaries
  • Achieving more comprehensive, accurate, and near real-time visibility into all transactions, positions and cash flows company-wide
With Serrala’s integrated treasury solution we have been able to save time and costs and optimize our working capital management. Automated processes, SAP® integration and intelligent features provide us with the fast and detailed overview we need in our treasury department.
Martijn van de Graaf, Associate Corporate Treasurer, Perfetti Van Melle

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