Treasury & Risk

Centralize the Management of All Financial Transactions and Positions

Our team will help you establish and structure the management of all financial transactions and positions. In accordance with accounting standards, we will help streamline processes, from trade to processing to the valuation and the transfer to accounting.

Your Benefits:

  • Central platform for all types of financial transactions (Money Market, Loans, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives, Securities and Commodities)
  • Standard interfaces to market data providers (e.g., Reuters) and trading platforms (e.g., 360T)
  • Integration and management of business confirmations through the Correspondence Framework
  • Parallel accounting of financial transactions (including Hedge Accounting) according to national and international accounting standards
  • Determination of risks from operative cash flows as well as hedging and investment activities
  • Limit management for recognizing and avoiding default risks
  • Key performance indicators for measuring investment performance
  • Integrated and flexible reporting