Organizations have to act now to mitigate the economic consequences of global corona virus crisis. Those that apply strategic reasoning will come out of this crisis stronger and more competitive. We are here to help you – how?

With the Serrala portfolio that provides exceptional transparency, as well as automation and optimization of working capital, including accounts receivable and accounts payable. We offer virtual meetings with our experts to discuss solutions for your business.

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Corporate Finance and Treasury Will Feel the Pressure

Suppliers will demand timely payments while customers will delay payments as much as possible. Disputes and collections will rise, as more unpaid invoices impact liquidity. Experience from previous crises shows that they bring all kinds of fraudsters onto the scene, further increasing business risks.

Foresight, Insight and Protection

So what to do? Enterprises must react to the crisis on many levels, protecting their employees and external contacts, safeguarding IT continuity, and ensuring liquidity as well as correct financial transactions at the right time.

From many customer examples we know, that companies with real-time insight in their detailed cash situation and its evolution have a competitive advantage over their less “clairvoyant” competitors. With optimized and automated payments for maximizing cash, but also for strengthening supplier relationships, they may well get through the crisis in a better condition and with a head-start before their less fortunate competitors.

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