How to Get Through the Current Situation – Tips for Finance & Treasury

The COVID-19 crisis is overwhelming for everyone. Could you have imagined the current situation even just a few weeks ago? Its impact will go beyond our global health and wellbeing. It will affect businesses across every industry. 

Taking Action In Challenging Times

Corporate treasurers, CFOs, and finance and treasury professionals need to take action to mitigate the economic consequences of the pandemic. Against all odds, they will need to 

  • keep cash coming into the business as fast as possible 
  • control write-offs or bad debt losses and adjust to reduced demand
  • maintain positive customer and supplier relationships
  • ensure sufficient liquidity, either from internal or external funding sources
  • achieve full visibility into cash flows including your current and future cash positions 
  • to manage risks efficiently including credit risk, customer and supplier risk, and FX exposures 

The good news is: There are ways to achieve some quick wins and solutions that have lasting positive impact on finance and treasury systems and processes. We are here to help companies in all industries safeguard their liquidity. 

3 Steps for Enhancing Your Resilience Quickly

Now is the time to take these key steps: 

  • Achieve quick wins for your accounts receivable and accounts payable processes to optimize you liquidity and working capital 
  • Get full visibility into your cash; 
  • Formulate strategies to improve your overall financial resilience so your business will recover quickly or even come out ahead after the crisis.


What Industries Can Do to Alleviate Financial Impacts

Building on our industry expertise and know-how from thousands of customer projects, we have solutions to help you achieve some quick wins and we can advise you on what to do to get through this stronger and more resilient than before. 

Logistics & Transportation: Industries in Times of Crisis

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Ways to controlling liquidity

The Formula for the Chemical Industry in the Current Crisis

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Utilities Refine Their Financial Processes in the Current Crisis

Utilities Refine Their Financial Processes in the Current Crisis

Automation of accounts receivable and fraud prevention protect liquidity

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