Logistics and Transportation are critical now and will be the driver to get us back on track

The global coronavirus crisis is impacting logistics and transportation companies as they struggle to get critically needed goods and people to the right places. Unprecedented factory closures, staff shortages and the constant need to re-plan routes, timetables and resources are a big challenge for your staff and they also demand quick actions from your finance and treasury team to safeguard your liquidity and business continuity. 

Are you… 

  • …wondering whether you are going to be paid for the delivery of parts to a closed factory or to a customer in financial difficulties?
  • … fighting to adapt your offering for passenger transport to wildly fluctuating bookings
  • …in need of better transparency of your current cash position, cash flows and future cash requirements?
  • …looking at how to minimize risk and keep yourself afloat? 

The good news is: There are ways for solving cash concerns rapidly – in ways that will also have lasting positive effect on your working capital and liquidity situation in the future, including

  • Preventing bad debt losses by standardizing and automating customer credit checks and controlling credit insurance data
  • Applying cash automatically by up to 99% to keep customer payments flowing consistently 
  • Making it as easy as possible for your customers to pay outstanding bills by sending requests for payments via e-mail, text messages, or portals, even when working remote

And many more…

We are there to help to get through this current situation and improve your balance sheet. Talk to us and find out how.

You may also find some inspiration in examples of our over 2,500 customers we have supported successfully so far in optimizing accounts receivable and accounts payable processes and gaining full cash visibility.

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