Automation of accounts receivable and fraud prevention protect liquidity

Utility companies are part of the crucial infrastructure of every economy and society. In the current economic slowdown caused by COVID-19, prices for essential commodities like oil and gas are plummeting, in line with power consumption. In these times, it is important to receive payments and apply cash as soon as possible. Customers must be billed quickly while avoiding disputes or disruptions in service. 

Finance departments depend on digitization to streamline and accelerate processes while making them more secure at the same time – especially when many are working remote. All of this is essential during the current crisis – or any crisis – but it will also benefit your company’s finances well into the future. 

Are you wondering:

  • How to digitize your processes to improve your financial health? 
  • How to automate processes so you can handle the same volume of work even if working hours and staffing are reduced or disrupted?
  • If you need to look at ways to make your finance processes leaner now, and in the future? 

Our experts are here to help. 



Through our experience from working with numerous global utility companies, and our financial solutions, we can rapidly help you digitize and automate your processes in accounts receivable and accounts payable. You can thus safeguard your liquidity and working capital, and benefit from greater transparency, now and in the future.

We can help you 

  • Send bills electronically via email or messenger, supporting remote work and  empowering your customers and pay faster and easier
  • Match automatically up to 99% of payments from corporate and private customers to remittance, bank statement, or lockbox information and apply cash sooner 
  • Secure your supply chains, by ensuring suppliers are paid on time and inquiries are answered efficiently 

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