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BCrest Solution Overview Video


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Innovative technology solutions banks can offer to their corporate customers

BCrest is an agile, cloud-based, end-to-end inbound and outbound payments and banking platform. As a white label offering, BCrest enables banks to strengthen existing customer relationships, gain new customers and access new revenue streams by providing innovative technology solutions to their corporate customers.

The BCrest solution provides a centralized, secure view of payments with intelligent automation and insightful data analytics, so payment processes are easily digitalized and streamlined. Its easy, user-friendly, web and mobile access makes it simple for corporate clients to view, approve and monitor payments and payment-related processes from start-to-finish.

BCrest can be easily integrated with existing enterprise systems using out-of-the-box APIs that make it simple to onboard an evolving customer base. It is also easily adaptable to new payment methods, market trends and regional and industry requirements. Banks can use BCrest to help their corporate clients’ achieve and exceed industry benchmarks, effortlessly detect fraud, and meet the latest compliance measures.

Limited resources and time? Not ready for an in-house IT project? Focused on your core banking businesses?

BCrest’s dynamic solutions provides best-in-its-class capabilities without the hassles, risk and cost of doing everything in-house.