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Digital Channels in the Collections Process

Driving AR Automation in the Cloud

Today digital channels play a vital role in driving efficiency in AR automation, helping to achieve collections success. Cloud-based solutions utilize digital channels to provide an intuitive and easy payment experience to your customers, resulting in improved debt collection. Highly automated and completely digital, they pull payment details from your accounts receivable system, package them in a personalized link to your customers and offer online payment options to settle the open invoice in a matter of seconds. With a cloud solution for customer billing like Serrala Alevate RTP (Request to Pay) using digital channels you can:

  • Achieve real-time status updates, bringing clarity to sender and receiver across instances
  • Integrate 100+ payment gateways, 50+ payment methods and many financial institutions
  • Easily scale according to your business needs – our solution can be quickly implemented remotely and delivers immediate results

Watch our on demand Video “Digital Channels in the Collections Process” to find out more.