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Driving the Future of Customer Payment Experience

The payments ecosystem has never been as agile and dynamic as it is today! On the one hand, new players such as third party payment providers and platform companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are radically reshaping the payments market. On the other hand, the way customers experience the payment process is becoming as important as the transaction itself. They expect organizations to design the payment process around their needs. On top of that, digital and mobile natives expect immediacy. Payments have to be quick, simple and intuitive.

Our new cloud solution, Serrala Alevate RTP, offers an easy, fast and frictionless payment experience. Highly automated and completely digital, Serrala Alevate RTP pulls payment details from your accounts receivable system, packages them in a personalized payment request to your customers and offers online payment options to settle the open invoice in a matter of seconds.

Learn more in our webinar recording.