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Implementing and Optimizing Centralized ROBO in SAP

Have you thought about consolidating your customer receipts processing with centralized Receivables on Behalf of (ROBO) but decided against it because of the added complexity?

As the products and technology solutions offered by the banking and fintech industries have advanced, opportunities for centralizing and streamlining customer receipts processing and cash application have greatly increased. Now corporate enterprises around the globe are aggressively taking advantage of them.

Find out how companies are leveraging tools such as In-House Banking (IHB), SAP’s In-House Cash (IHC), Virtual Account Management (VAM), and Advanced Robotics for Cash Application to:

  • Establish Efficient Receivables on Behalf of Processing Structures
  • Effectively Automate AR Cash Application Processing in a ROBO Environment
  • Enable Same-Day Cash Application in a ROBO Environment
  • Improve Cash Visibility and Control
  • Optimize and Standardize Operations