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Intercompany Invoice Settlements

Intercompany Invoice Settlements

In this webinar, learn how to implement a highly integrated and automated in-house banking solution to facilitate intercompany invoice settlements and intercompany loan management. 

Discover how, using SAP’s In-House Cash (IHC) and Treasury Transaction Manager (TR-TM) applications, you can centralize, standardize, and optimize your operations to maximize efficiency and control for your entire enterprise by:

  • Automating intercompany (IC) invoices to remove all external IC settlement
  • Reducing the number of physical settlements (external cash flows)
  • Reducing local cash balances and gaining more interest revenues by keeping cash within the group through a centralized automated cash pool
  • Merging cash pools and netting centers in a centralized fashion (IHB)
  • Reducing foreign exchange exposure
  • Improving cash management and control
  • Streamlining operations and accounting with a full integration with SAP systems
  • Settling internal FX transactions and loans on IHC current account