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The Hilti Journey to SAP S/4HANA

How Hilti used FS² AutoBank to take cash application to the next level while also completing the largest, single day, global go-live with the new SAP technology.

Hilti Group, the world leader of construction products and services, wanted to automate its cash application processes to maximize the efficiency of its shared service center. With a planned transition to SAP S/4HANA, however, the company had to balance its need for immediate process improvements with the company’s move to the new platform. 

Find out how the company was able to use FS² AutoBank, an SAP-certified and SAP-integrated solution to take its cash application processing to the next level before moving to S/4HANA. The company was able to rapidly deploy a solution with advanced cash application capabilities so it could increase inbound cash flow and customer satisfaction before, during and after its transition to HANA.
Watch our webinar recording. In this recording, Hilti shares insights how it balanced the two initiatives, so it could complete the largest, single day, global go-live with the new SAP technology and ensure its O2C team was ready to take full advantage of all the new SAP technology has to offer.