Intercompany Invoice Settlements

In this webinar, learn how to implement a highly integrated and automated in-house banking solution to facilitate intercompany invoice settlements and intercompany loan management. 

Discover how, using SAP’s In-House Cash (IHC) and Treasury Transaction Manager (TR-TM) applications, you can centralize, standardize, and optimize your operations to maximize efficiency and control for your entire enterprise by:

  • Automating intercompany (IC) invoices to remove all external IC settlement
  • Reducing the number of physical settlements (external cash flows)
  • Reducing local cash balances and gaining more interest revenues by keeping cash within the group through a centralized automated cash pool
  • Merging cash pools and netting centers in a centralized fashion (IHB)
  • Reducing foreign exchange exposure
  • Improving cash management and control
  • Streamlining operations and accounting with a full integration with SAP systems
  • Settling internal FX transactions and loans on IHC current account

Join our webinar on October 15, [10:00 CDT/11:00 EDT], we look forward to your participation.

Peter Wolf

Peter Wolf is an SVP Treasury Solutions at Serrala. He is a leading solution designer in SAP Treasury, In-house Banking, and Liquidity Management, having specialized in this area for over 20 years. Prior to joining Serrala, he was one of the founding partners of e5 Solutions Group. With more than 45 projects focused on the global deployment of IHC functionality, Peter is recognized as one of the industry’s leading experts on in-house banking, shared service center processing, and SAP in-house Cash application. 

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