Webinar: Business Integrity in O2C

Anti-money laundering laws, the strict SEC requirements within the US, and other numerous compliance-related regulations all over the world have systematically increased the standards for companies. Not having specific compliance procedures in place to monitor your customers can only be described as grossly negligent.

Consequently, more and more companies will only conduct business with you if you have effective operating compliance management procedures in place. That is why you need strong and reliable KYC environment to keep your business safe.

Join our webinar “Business Integrity in O2C” on November 19 at 12pm ET to learn, how credit control, compliance checks and fraud prevention work together to create a safe and sound inbound payment space.

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Solutions Architect – Order-to-Cash
Eva van der Grijn

Eva is a Solution Architect supporting automation of the end-to-end O2C processes. Working for a number of large Tech Companies both in the Netherland and the UK over the past 20 years, she build strong knowledge in the O2C arena with main focus on Credit Risk Analytics and Collateral Management.

Principal Solution Architect, Order-to-Cash
Michael Köhler

Michael has been working in the credit risk management field since 2009. His present and previous roles have given him unique insight into best practices in managing credit and compliance risks as well as collections operations for businesses of various sizes and industries. Michael has led and delivered a number of complex international solution implementation projects for global corporations around the world.

In his current role with Serrala as a Solution Architect, Michael’s main focus is on analyzing organizations’ needs around credit risk, compliance, and collections management and translating them into software solutions that are both user-friendly and aligned with the trends in an ever-changing environment.