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AI Powered Cash Application: Driving Success with High Automation

22.06.2021   |  2 pm ET   |  English

Humans and Artificial Intelligence Working Together for Best Possible Results

Modern times already seems to be upon us where artificial intelligence can make a real difference in cash application automation, especially when applied intelligently in combination with existing automation rules. The AI matching engine works on top of the posting rules created by users and further automates the process. This gives the accounting team additional time to focus on more sophisticated and complex reconciliation cases that require human inquiry and judgment.

Together with the Credit Research Foundation, Serrala will showcase a vision for the future: Humans and artificial intelligence working together for the best possible results.

Join our educational session on June 22nd at 2 pm ET. Learn how to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to empower AR users to apply cash faster than ever before with standardized, optimized, and automated processes.

  • Symbiosis: Learn how to achieve best-in-class results with artificial intelligence and humans working together efficiently
  • Intelligence: Benefit from more than 30 years of cash application experience from users around the world, finding their way into our AI automation rules – no machine learning training from scratch
  • Speed: Find out how you can get quick wins and ROI  instantly, with best practices and intelligent automation