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AP Association Webinar: How to Shift Digital Transformation Priorities in AP & Work from Anywhere

21.09.2021   |  3pm BST   |  English

The rapid transition to remote work in March 2020 caused many AP departments to shift their digital transformation initiatives. Plans that were in place before the pandemic were accelerated and priorities changed as AP worked to maintain fast, accurate and controlled management of supplier invoices in a disrupted business environment. In this joint session with the AP Association we will explore:

  • Recent research conducted by Serrala that illustrates the impact of remote work in AP
  • Case studies that highlight the unique challenges AP teams face in a remote work environment
  • Top priorities for process improvements to enable AP to work seamlessly from anywhere


APA & Serrala webinar


Key Insights

  • Recent research: hear detailed analysis of the trends and topics that are top of mind for Accounts Payable departments in 2021.
  • Case studies: learn how global organisations have benefitted from greater transparency of invoices, more efficient processes, and cost reductions thanks to the introduction of AP automation.
  • Work from home as the new norm: explore technological solutions and how they provide greater cash transparency and operational continuity in changing work environments.



christian breiholz serrala

Christian Breiholz

Director Solution Success AP | Serrala
jamie radford accounts payabale association serrala

Jamie Radford

CEO & Founder | AP Association

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