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Automated PSP Reconciliation – happy customers, happy AR teams

More payment options for your customers, less work for your AR team 

Customers nowadays are used to having multiple options for making payments. But with an ever-growing range of payment channels comes an increasing amount of manual work for your accounts receivable team, which challenges the error-less and timely cash application process. 

Intelligent Payment Service Provider (PSP) Reconciliation automates the process of retrieving, converting, and reconciling PSP settlement files and thus enables you to offer more payment options to your customers.  

Tune into this webinar recording to discover how you can improve customer satisfaction, boost reconciliation efficiency, and enhance your analytics.  

Key Insights

  • Automatically process PSP settlements from any payment processor or acquirer with automatic format harmonization and conversion  
  • Receive real-time reports about performed sales, charged fees, orders of outstanding balances and your KPIs   
  • Eliminate manual effort and human errors, allowing you to focus on your core business and customer relations 


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