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Clarity in Credit Management

A New Approach to Due Diligence

Credit managers have to protect their business from late customer payments and default risk, while supporting the sales cycle with quick credit decisions. To achieve this, organizations need to speed up manual tasks that take up a lot of time. Intelligent automation, powered by artificial intelligence, makes it possible to use optimization potentials across the entire credit and risk management lifecycle.

We joined the Digital Forum on Best Practices in Credit Management hosted by the Federation of European Credit Management Associations (FECMA), and discussed how technology can drive efficiency in credit management, while still putting human contribution and judgement at its core, ensuring humans and technology work together for best possible results.

Watch the session and discover ways to digitize your credit and risk management with:

  • Integrated connectivity to credit rating agencies and credit insurers, simplifying your credit data retrieval
  • Automated credit limit application and approval procedures, improving collaboration across teams and enabling faster decision-making
  • AI powered credit scoring, applied in combination with existing automation rules, making your credit decisions more accurate, solid, and safe