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Digitalization: the key to alleviating CFO pain points

Digitalization has been on the agenda of businesses and finance leaders for quite some time. But it saw a major push in the past couple of years, the increase of remote work moved digitalization to the center stage for many. But experience shows: while everyone knows roughly about benefits, there still is huge potential to lift them. 

As a CFO today, you are in a dilemma: You must have the numbers ready for board decisions. That’s the old-fashioned bit, which has stayed unchanged from the days when business became fully professional. On the other hand, you are faced with an increasing efficiency pressure to deliver data ever faster, ensuring sufficient liquidity and adding much more value to the company. 

In this panel discussion moderated by the CFO, various industry and finance leaders discuss how automation and digitalization have helped them transform and improve their finance functions – to address new needs and scale business.

Key insights

  • Delve into how pain points such as IT dependencies and lack of automation can be addressed with digitalization
  • Discuss benefits of digitalization for finance departments like integrated end-to-end-processes and where to implement them most effectively
  • Look at how digitalization can support and strengthen CFOs in their changing role to create value and focus on future challenges